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Consecutive Interpreting Services

Lada Translation offers consecutive interpreting services. This type of interpreting means that after each segment of several sentences a speaker makes a pause and an interpreter renders most accurately the main idea of that segment in the target language, while preserving the structure and emotional tone of the source message. Typically, only one language pair is used in consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is used during events involving a relatively small number of participants.

Its field of application is rather wide and may include the following:

Business meetings and negotiations, exhibitions and presentations, press conferences and briefings, trainings, workshops and lectures, telephone negotiations, ceremonial events, guided tours.

Advantages of Consecutive Interpreting

This type of interpreting guarantees the maximum degree of fidelity. Consecutive interpreting is the most comfortable for an interpreter giving time to comprehend the words of a speaker, interpret them exactly and deliver a message in the target language. At the same time, pauses between segments of a speech give the audience enough time to comprehend what they have heard.

Consecutive interpreting does not require special technical equipment, unlike simultaneous interpreting, thus allowing for mobility of the parties involved. Consecutive interpreting may be provided during business trips, guided tours, business tours, etc.

Consecutive interpreting services are several times cheaper than simultaneous interpreting services resulting in significant reduction of the budget required for the event.

Requirements to Consecutive Interpreters

Profession of a consecutive interpreter is not for everyone. Apart from brilliant language proficiency, it requires high stress resistance, ability to concentrate and articulate ideas competently.

In consecutive interpreting, personal qualities and appearance of an interpreter are of great importance. Being a participant of a dialog, an interpreter is perceived by the parties as a partner in conversation. Therefore, in addition to a university degree and practical experience, a consecutive interpreter should have a presentable appearance, know the rules of business etiquette and observe dress code. A trained voice of an interpreter is of special importance.

Interpreting is associated with great psychological and emotional tension, so a consecutive interpreter should have a robust nervous system and be well-balanced yet able to respond and make decisions quickly.

When selecting professionals, we take into account all these factors. Our interpreters are pleasant communicators demonstrating high level of erudition, able to control themselves in unfamiliar settings and having a perfect memory.

At your request, we will select a professional with certain appearance – either elegant and respectable or invisible like a shadow. If you contact us in advance, we will offer your several candidates to choose from.

Consecutive Translation by Lada Translation

When selecting interpreters, our company pays great attention to their level of proficiency and cooperates with those only, who pass a thorough examination. Interpreters cooperating with Lada Translation include graduates from the best language universities, both domestic and foreign, having sound professional experience in various fields.

We select professionals familiar with the vocabulary of a forthcoming event. We are also able to provide interpreters knowing special terminology in such fields as law, medicine, construction, economics, etc.

High competence of a consecutive interpreter is of significant importance during business negotiations with foreign partners. In such situations, high quality of interpreting is essential. Such high quality is guaranteed by our company.

Consecutive Translation by Lada Translation

Basic Advantages

High Level of Proficiency. Lada Translation works with highly-skilled professionals only; we can arrange for the services of the best interpreters available in Moscow. We will select for you a competent professional having an extensive experience and expert knowledge in the area you need and good communication skills, whose high quality interpreting services will ensure guaranteed success for your event.

Mobility. You may order interpreting services for events held both in Moscow and any other city. Consecutive interpreter provided by Lada Translation will accompany you during your trip to any region of Russia. So, you will have an absolute guarantee of high-level interpreting support wherever the event will be held. As it is well-known, the best interpreters are concentrated in Moscow and it is rather difficult to find a suitable professional locally.

We can arrange for you a consecutive interpreter for a trip abroad. You will meet with him or her in advance to discuss the subject of your event and furnish with necessary materials. This will save you from unpleasant surprises that may arise when an interpreter is hired in another country.

How to Order?

To place an order for our consecutive interpreting services, you are required to make a request in advance, preferably 7 to 10 days or at least 2 days prior to the date of your event.

Since each of our consecutive interpreters has a quite tight work schedule, ordering in advance will give time for us to select a suitable professional for you and for an interpreter to prepare well enough.

You are kindly requested to inform us about all the details of the planned event such as format, subject, venue and number of participants. To ensure the most effective preparation of an interpreter for the event, it is advisable to provide supporting materials on its subject (texts of other reports, reference materials, specialized glossaries, etc.).

If you need urgent consecutive interpreting services, we are able to provide them. Please contact us by phone and we will analyze the situation and make our best to help you.

It is Quite Easy to Order Interpreting Services

You can calculate the cost of interpreting services and place an order directly on our website by completing a convenient request form.

We will call you back to discuss all necessary issues and offer you several alternatives, if available. You will be able to choose the most suitable interpreter for your assignment.

You are welcome! We wish you success in business!