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Technical Translation

Rapid development of modern technologies, integration of the Russian business into the global economy, introduction of foreign products in the domestic market and promotion of Russian products abroad – all these factors lead to high demand for the technical translation services.

While the technical translation services become increasingly popular, the number of companies providing such services grows as well. However, not many of them can offer really high-quality technical translations to their customers. The reason is that such work is rather difficult. Apart from brilliant foreign language proficiency, a translator is required to have deep technical knowledge and understand and be able to use special terminology.

Our Services

Lada Translation provides highly professional translation of technical texts and documents.

You may order translation of texts of any content or level of complexity. Our professionals translate from English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish and other European and Oriental languages and also provide technical translations from Russian to foreign languages.

Main fields of translations:

  • Aircraft, space, defense, motor-car, oil and gas, chemical, consumer goods, food, agricultural, electrical engineering, wood processing and mining industries;
  • Mechanical engineering, machine-tool building, shipbuilding, heat supply system, instrument engineering, metal industry, construction engineering, design engineering, power industry, motor-road, transport and railroad industry;
  • Computer engineering, information technologies, nanotechnologies, telecommunications;
  • Electrical engineering, electronics, household appliances and climate equipment;

The above list is non-exhaustive. If you need a technical translation in any other field, please contact us and we will help you for sure.

Types of Technical Translations Provided by Lada Translation:


Various types of texts can be referred to as technical. Our translations include:

  • specialized technical and scientific-technical articles and documents;
  • research papers and projects;
  • instructions, technical descriptions, user guides, setup, installation and operating manuals for equipment, household appliances, computers and electronic and other devices;
  • study reports, degree theses, summaries, training aids, reference guides;
  • specifications and technical descriptions;
  • design documents;
  • schematic diagrams, drawings, texts to AutoCad drawings;
  • patent documents;
  • russian and international standards, technical standard documents;
  • safety regulations and health standards;
  • software adaptation documents;
  • agreements and contracts;
  • other technical texts.


To participate in the international exhibitions, symposiums and conferences and to hold business negotiations with your foreign partners, you will need technical interpreter’s services, either consecutive or simultaneous. Our team includes the best interpreters available in Moscow. We will select for you an interpreter having an excellent knowledge of the subject and terminology of the forthcoming event and an extensive technical interpreting experience in the field you need.

Lada Translation’s professionals took part in multiple large-scale international events such as MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon.

Distinctions of Technical Translation

Technical translation is considered to be the most difficult. It requires maximum accuracy. Typically, texts of technical nature are characterized by complicated sentence structure and are full of special terminology, abbreviations and shortenings that, if translated improperly, may distort completely the meaning of a source-language text


The style of language in the target-language text is of great importance. Free rendering and creative representation are unacceptable in technical translation. The target-language text should be unambiguous and should be presented clearly and logically strictly in compliance with scientific style and business parlance criteria. Translated texts and documents should be laid out in accordance with the approved standards.

In technical translation, in addition to high foreign language proficiency, a translator should have a deep knowledge in a particular technical field and be able to communicate his or her thoughts clearly. An extensive vocabulary of technical terminology and ability to use it competently and accurately are also required. A translator must keep up with the latest technical developments and be familiar with the current technologies.

Our requirements to technical translators are very high, since their responsibility is quite great. The number of really highly skilled professionals providing technical translation services is very small. This can explain the strong demand for such services and their high cost as well.

Technical Translation Services by Lada Translation

Technical translation is our main area of expertise. We select our team members very carefully, so they include the most proficient translators and interpreters educated both in linguistics and technical fields and having a deep knowledge in their particular field of expertise and extensive practical experience.

Your order will be performed by a well-organized team of highly proficient experts. All translations are reviewed by proof-readers and editors with relevant expertise. In complicated cases, we consult narrowly specialized technical experts. To review translations from Russian to foreign languages, we involve native speakers.

Lada Translation’s technical translators improve their professional skills on an ongoing basis and regularly attend training seminars, workshops and advanced training courses. Our company is committed to creation of a favorable environment to ensure the effective work of its staff: we have our own approved glossaries for various subjects and keep them updated; our translators and interpreters are provided with necessary reference literature, software and guidelines.

Technical translation services offered by our company are quite pricy, since the proficiency level of our professionals is very high. Both in science and technology and in business, the quality of technical translation is of crucial importance, so your expenses related to ordering a technical translation with Lada Translation is an absolutely reasonable and beneficial investment.

Time Limits

Time limits for translation of technical texts depend on their size and content. Workload of technical translators is quite high, so you are strongly requested to contact us in advance. For exact timeframes and conditions, please contact us by phone at: *.

How To Order?

You may place your order for technical translation in one of the following two ways:

Contact our office by phone at: (495) 970 76 26 or complete a request on our website. You can also calculate the cost of your order. We will contact you to agree upon the timeframes and other conditions.

Want to sign a permanent service agreement with our company? Call us! We will discuss with you the details, answer all your questions and agree upon the most convenient way for you to do that.

You are welcome!

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