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Website Translation Services

The Internet has changed the human life dramatically and become an inseparable part of the modern business world. Today, it is rather difficult to imagine a company, even a small one, not using various Internet services in its day-to-day operation or not having its own website promoting its products, goods and services.

In case a company intends to enter the international arena and is willing to attract foreign partners and customers, it will not do without a translated version of its website. Several foreign-language versions of a website or a translated section of a Russian-language Web resource will serve you as a powerful marketing tool by expanding your target audience and making it possible to promote products and services of your company both within the local region and in many other countries throughout the world. In other words, commercial performance of your website will increase quite significantly.

However, poorly translated Web resource may cause a reverse effect and do harm to a company’s image. As a result, website will not attract new customers and even may scare away the existing ones.

Basic Requirements to Website Translation

Translation of a website is a complicated task. Apart from brilliant foreign language proficiency, a translator must know the basic operating principles of the Internet and be able to adjust the target-language text to the cultural and language traditions of a foreign audience. Translation should be grammatically correct and stylistically accurate reflecting the industry-specific nature of the texts.

Not every linguist can cope with such tasks. High-quality website translation can be done only by professionals understanding a complicated mechanism of Web resource operation, who know, and are able to apply practically, the basic techniques of writing texts for the Internet and have a great experience in this area.

Our Services

Lada Translation offers professional website translation services for translation of both Russian-language websites to English or other foreign languages and foreign-language websites to Russian.

Depending on the tasks and budget of your project, you may place a translation order for the entire website or just some of its sections. Translation services may be provided either on a case-by-case or permanent basis.

Cooperation Alternatives

  • Selective translation means a translation of certain most informative website pages.
  • Full website translation means a translation of the entire content, interface, service components, HTML code, meta tags, alternative image texts and other elements and also adjustment of texts.
  • Translation proofreading and editing mean search for and correction of errors appearing after making up a website (these may include faulty word order, lost words, etc.).
  • Permanent website translation support means a same-day or next day translation of new content published on a website (news feeds, press reviews, analytical forecasts, etc.), proofreading and editing of translations. Such services are provided under a long-term permanent service agreement.
  • Interpreting services will be necessary to hold negotiations with developers, software engineers and promotion experts, if you decide to involve foreign professionals in creation of a foreign-language version of your website.

Website Translation by Lada Translation

Recently, it has become popular among translation companies to offer additional services related to localization, search engine optimization (SEO), website formatting, writing of advertising texts, etc. We are convinced that the cobbler should stick to his last.

Lada Translation engages exclusively in translation and interpreting and ensures the highest professional level of its services.

All translators and interpreters of our company are trained both in linguistics and a certain narrow field of knowledge. Your website will be translated by professionals having solid knowledge in the Internet technology, familiar with the subject matter of a Web resource to be translated and relevant special terminology and highly experienced in translation of advertising, scientific and technical texts.

Translations are reviewed by editors well acquainted with the specific nature of website translation. In some cases, we involve native speakers to adjust the content to make it sound maximally natural to a foreign-language audience. Final proofreading of texts is also done by native speakers of relevant languages.

To achieve the maximum effect, our professionals are open to work closely with PR staff of your company and technical experts providing support of your website.

By placing an order for website translation with Lada Translation, you will be provided guaranteed highly professional support for your Web resource. Your company’s website will be equally appealing for both Russian and foreign audience.

How to Order?

If you want to order a translation of your website, you will have to decide first what your objects are and whether you need to translate the entire website or some of its sections only.

Our professionals will be able to commence their work after you will provide us with the materials to be translated. Source files may be provided in any of the following formats as may be convenient for you: HTML, PHP, XML, XHTML, JavaScript and ASP.

Cost and period of translation depend on the objectives you have set, scope of work and target languages required for the content.

Please contact our office by phone at: (495) 970 76 26 or fill in a request available on our website. We will contact you to give necessary advice and agree upon the cost and other conditions.

Want to sign a permanent service agreement with our company? Call us! We will discuss with you the details, answer all your questions and agree upon the most convenient way for you to do that.

You are welcome!

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