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Need a high quality translation?

Whether you need a translation of legal documents, technical descriptions, diagrams or drawings or, may be, a book of poetry…

Google Translate will not help you…

Universal professionals employed with numerous translation agencies will not be much helpful as well (since most of them are linguistic university students grasping at any assignment). As a result, contracts, medical instructions, financial reports and literary texts are translated by one and the same person.

However, for a high quality translation, apart from brilliant language proficiency – in both foreign and native languages, – a translator must have fundamental expert knowledge relevant to the content of translation. This requires either second university degree in the relevant area of expertise or extensive practical experience in this area.

Lada Translation can provide you such expert translation services. Each of our translators has two university degrees – in linguistics and another professional field, excellent knowledge of a particular subject and relevant terminology and a long-term experience.

Translations by Lada Translation

Lada Translation offers translation services for the following language pairs: foreign language to Russian, Russian to foreign language and foreign language to another foreign language.

We have __ working languages with the most popular including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean*. You may place a translation order for any language pair.

Main Fields and Subject Areas of Translations by Lada Translation:

Jurisprudence, Law, International Relations, Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Business, Economy, Finance, Science, Culture, Literature, Industry, Construction, etc.

Our translations are extremely various – from a product description for a simple alarm clock to operation manuals for high-precision medical equipment, from credit facility agreements and bank resolutions to prose and poetry.

For more information about each type of translation, please visit the relevant sections on our website.

Translation Types

Translation is the most popular translation service. A translator must convey the meaning of a text composed in one language by making its written equivalent in other language that is a completely new text.

There are two main types of translation:

  • Literary translation that is used for literary texts.
  • Specialized translation that is used for texts related to different areas of knowledge, technology and human activity, each having its own terminology.

Fields of specialized translation include:

  • Law;
  • Technology;
  • Medicine;
  • Economics;
  • Science;
  • Advertising;
  • Websites;
  • Personal documents.

Each of these fields is narrowly specific and requires a specialized education and expert knowledge from the translator.

Translation Assessment Criteria

Quality of a translation is determined by the following two criteria:

  • Fidelity (or faithfulness) is the main criterion to determine how accurately a translation communicates the meaning and content of the source-language text;
  • Transparency is a criterion that helps determine whether a translation is perceived by a native speaker of the target language to have originally been written in that language and conforms to its grammar and syntax norms.

Main Work Stages

Once an order for translation is accepted, it is analyzed for its subject matter and type and assigned to a specialized professional.

A translated text is then proofread and thoroughly reviewed by an editor. While conveying the meaning of the source text, a translation should also be equivalent to similar texts and documents originally written in the target language in terms of stylistics.

For proofreading of translations from Russian to foreign languages, native speakers can be engaged as well. To ensure that the final product has the same visual effect to the audience as the source text, we are able to make an exactly identical makeup of the translated documents and texts.

Large-scale projects are assigned to well-organized teams consisting of translators, editors, proof-readers, project managers and subject-matter experts.

Lada Translation Means Guaranteed Quality of Translation Services

You are welcome! We wish you success in business!