Мы - Предлагаем безукоризненный сервис

Мы - Предлагаем качественный продукт по индивидуальному предложению

Мы - Ценим, любим клиентов

Мы - Отвечаем за свою работу

Мы - Обеспечиваем конфиденциальность информации


... or “Who owns information owns the world”

Information, its security and protection are matters of special care of any self-respecting company, bank or organization.

Many Russian and foreign companies cooperating with Lada Translation Ltd. enter into confidentiality agreements governing the protection and storage of the disclosed information. There are also companies insisting on execution of a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We understand and respect the wishes of our clients, so we sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement upon the first request, since we recognize well enough that any, even the most insignificant, leakage can do a serious and, probably, irreparable harm to business and reputation of our clients and partners.

Confidence in confidentiality is a sign of trust in a company

It is impossible to trust a translation company/office/agency without being confident that your information is properly secured.

Observance of confidence is an unconditional priority for Lada translation Ltd. when it comes to business cooperation. And our confidentiality obligations are not limited in time.

The confidentiality rule applies to the following:

  1. fact of contacting Lada translation Ltd.;
  2. information about the purpose of contact or the order placed;
  3. information about invoices, documents transmitted by fax, completion reports;
  4. personal data such as names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.;
  5. information received in the course of communicating with the customer’s employees;
  6. information received in the course of reviewing the documents and their translations;
  7. information about the terms and conditions of a translation service agreement including its payment terms;
  8. any other information related to provision of translation/interpreting and document legalization services.

Tough confidentiality conditions apply to all the employees of our company including business area managers, office staff, translators/interpreters, editors, proof-readers, layout designers, junior office staff and couriers. Upon employment, each and every of them sign a very strict special Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We guarantee to our customers the conditions for safe provision of sensitive documents related to their companies. This applies to any information of commercial or scientific nature, ideas, formulae, know-how, processes, sketch designs, inventions, developments, photos, drawings, layouts, technical requirements, models, report samples, customer lists, studies, price lists, software, financial reports, exclusive agreements, patents, scientific research results and other documents.

Apart from the documents, we observe the confidential nature of any consultations held and relations established between us and our customers in connection with the provision of our professional translation/interpreting and document legalization services.

When your information is secured

We use all legal efforts (and even those not provided by the law) to protect the confidentiality of information provided by our customers.

Facts and information that have come to our knowledge or have been communicated to us by a customer in connection with our professional activities will never and in no way be disclosed by us.

  1. Maintenance of the company’s computer equipment is performed by the approved and reliable IT professionals ensuring normal functioning of the office appliances and its protection against viruses and spyware;
  2. We have special computers installed in our office that exclude the possibility of reading out the information stored on them or downloading such information to special storage devices; our translators use the computers during working hours only and under control of supervisors in charge (this is of special importance for government institutions related to defense industry and other companies and organizations);
  3. Internally stored original documents and translations are protected by the multilevel automatic backup system allowing for quick and smooth restoration of the lost information in unforeseen situations;
  4. Agreements signed with our employees require, inter alia, that they return all the materials provided in the course of completing any particular order and remove (“delete”) the relevant files from the memory of their computers upon completion, if so required by our clients;
  5. Despite the existence of such agreements, access to the confidential information is provided to the employees on a need-to-know basis only;
  6. Either translation or interpretation of the confidential information will be done by our professionals subject to signature of the relevant Agreements by them;
  7. Trade secret confidentiality obligations are not limited in time and remain valid even after expiry of NDA;
  8. Upon completion of an order, official documents and other printed materials we have received from the customer are usually returned or destroyed. Documents received by e-mail are deleted without the possibility for restoration.

Your information is securely protected