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Economic Translation

Translation of economic texts and documents has become an increasingly popular service. This is for the following reasons:

  1. Russia is actively integrating into the international economic community. Many Russian companies, both state-owned and private, cooperate with foreign partners and contractors. Such business cooperation requires that numerous agreements, reports, business-plans, presentations, business texts and documents be translated.
  2. Demand for economic translation has increased since the Russian companies switched to the international financial reporting standards (IFRS). For example, reports for foreign investors and partners are required to be translated into English.
  3. In recent years, it has become a common practice among Russians to transact on foreign real estate and securities markets and open accounts with foreign banks. So, this is yet another sphere, where economic translation is in high demand.

Our Services

Lada Translation provides professional translation services for economic texts of various types and subjects.

You may place an order for economic translation from the European and Oriental languages to Russian and backwards – from Russian to foreign languages.

Our translations include:

  • general economic and foreign economic texts (articles, studies in economics and macroeconomics, business-plans, feasibility studies, etc.);
  • financial texts, documents and reports (related to accounting, banks and exchange trading);
  • research papers in economics;
  • marketing texts and studies;
  • statistical reports and analyses;
  • texts and documents related to insurance business (insurance agreements, policies, certificates, guarantees, etc.);
  • bidding documents;
  • business correspondence;
  • other economic texts.

Whether you need to hold an international economic event such as a symposium, conference, round table discussion or any other or to participate in business negotiations, you can use our professional interpreting services, both consecutive and simultaneous.

If you need a notarized translation, we will be able to arrange for notarization services. Besides, we provide apostille certification services in relation to the documents translated by us.

Distinctions of Economic Translation

Translation of economic texts is highly complicated. A translator is required to provide accurate rendering and should have excellent foreign language proficiency, profound knowledge in economics, finance, marketplace and OTC trading and clear understanding of the processes prevailing on the foreign exchange and securities markets.

Economic texts are characterized by the use of special terminology, both well-established and newly coined. Such texts contain a lot of abbreviations, formulas, graphs, graphic charts and tables. There are certain strict requirements that must be met unfailingly. In particular, the target-language text must correspond in full to the source-language text in terms of meaning and style; free rendering of definitions and terminology is unacceptable.

Economic Translation by Lada translation

Whether a company will have successful business relations with its foreign investors and partners or be able to achieve positive results in its foreign economic activity, largely depends on the quality of translation of its economic texts and documents. Responsibility of an economic translator is extremely high. Maximum accuracy and carefulness are required, since even the slightest mistake or inaccuracy may lead to serious financial damage.

We understand that perfectly well and, therefore, we pay great attention to staffing issues. For economic translations, we involve only highly-skilled translators educated both in linguistics and economics and having a brilliant knowledge in the relevant filed of expertise. Our professionals are well acquainted with accounting and banking business, both in Russia and abroad, and are quite competent in the field of marketing and law.

Our economic translators improve their professional skills on an ongoing basis. Many of them are practicing experts with an experience of working for financial companies and banks, private and state-owned foreign-economic entities. In case of a large-scale order, we can involve several professionals.

Your order will be performed by a well-organized team of professionals including translators, proof-readers, editors with relevant expertise and economic experts. All these factors ensure absolute quality of economic translations by Lada Translation.

Time Limits

Time limits for translation of economic documents depend on their size and content. Our translation services are unique for each customer, so for the exact timeframes and conditions, please contact us by phone at: (495) 970 76 26

How To Oder?

You may place your order for legal translation in one of the following two ways:

Contact our office by phone at: (495) 970 76 26 or complete a request on our website. You can also calculate the cost of your order. We will contact you to agree upon the timeframes and other conditions.

Want to sign a permanent service agreement with our company? Call us! We will discuss with you the details, answer all your questions and agree upon the most convenient way for you to do that

You are welcome!

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