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Legal Translation

We are responsible for each word in our translations!

Lada Translation Ltd. provides professional legal translation services. This is the main business area of our company. We have gathered a team of the best professional translators available in Moscow and gained an extensive experience in this translation field.

Legal Translators of Lada Translation

Only experienced professionals having university degrees both in linguistics and law and practicing lawyers with dozens of successfully completed legal translation projects are engaged by Lada Translation for its translation assignments. All our translations are reviewed by editors with relevant expertise.

Whether you need a translation of a power of attorney, an agreement, instrument of incorporation or any statutory instrument, Lada Translation’s professionals will perform the task in the highest professional manner.

Our Services:

Personal Document Translation

Our translations include:

passports, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, university diplomas, secondary school-leaving certificates, work record books, powers of attorney, driver’s licenses, documents requested by embassies and consulates and other documents.

Business Document Translation

Our translations include:

Lada Translation cooperates with both Russian and foreign companies. Our clients include banks and governmental agencies, investment funds and financial holdings, law firms and insurance and commercial companies.

Our translators provide highly professional legal translations from all European and main Oriental languages and also from Russian to foreign languages.

Business Document Translation: Service Options and Their Distinctions

Companies having a constant need in translation of legal documents in connection with their business, often face a choice whether to employ a translator, to create a specialized department of several translators if there is a large amount of work for them or to use legal translation services provided by a specialized company.

In-House Translator

As a rule, the first alternative is rejected at once by many companies. One translator is not able to provide high-quality translation of various legal documents in a really professional manner, the more so if the required translation is to be provided quite often, in large amounts and on a tight schedule.

Internal Translation Department

Such department is able to cope with the tasks, provided that the company can gather a team of competent professionals, although this is not, in fact, an easy thing. However, it makes absolutely no economic sense for the company to have such department.

Translator’s average salary is quite high. Besides, the company would have to incur expenses related to salary taxes, sickness benefits, leave allowances and rental for additional office premises. It would be necessary to create computerized workstations for employees and purchase stationery and expendable supplies, special literature, software, etc. So, the expenses associated even with one in-house translator would exceed by far the cost of services provided by a specialized translation agency. Moreover, while the quality and accuracy of translations might be not so good, in-house translators have no personal responsibility for any errors committed by them.

For these reasons, an increasing number of companies and organizations now prefer to outsource translation services.

Lada translation Permanent Cooperation Agreement

If your company has a constant need in translation of legal documents, we propose you to sign with us a permanent cooperation agreement for complete translation support of your business by our professionals.

Such cooperation is based on a very simple scheme:

Your company will regularly (time interval and amount are to be specified in the agreement) remit an advance payment (deposit) for translation services to Lada Translation’s account.

Our professionals will translate legal documents provided by you on a regular basis. Once a month (week), interim results will be summarized and acceptance certificate will be signed. Completed translations will be sent to you by courier service or e-mail.

Advantages of Legal Translation by Lada Translation

High quality and accuracy of translations. We have gathered a team of the best professionals highly experienced in legal translation who have a long-term experience and excellent knowledge in all fields of law, with some of them having two university degrees – both from Russian and foreign universities. Many of them are practicing lawyers. All translations are done in a professional, promptly and competent manner irrespective of time limits and subject.

Best Value For Money. We do not offer you cheap services. The services provided by our professionals are quite pricy and it is easy to explain. Legal translation of your documents will be done by highly qualified translators and the company will assume full responsibility for the quality of their work.

Besides, please note that while the cost of our services is pretty high, it is economically advantageous to place legal translation orders with Lada Translation.

First, the cost of our services is significantly lower than your expenses related to employment of in-house translators.

Second, you know well how much in business depends on the quality of translation when it comes to important legal documents. One incorrectly translated word may break up a deal or cause a huge financial loss. It is unjustifiable and even dangerous to save costs in such situations. Our company guarantees that your legal documents will be translated accurately and correctly.

Moreover, we provide bonuses and special service offers to reward our regular customers.

Promptness. Whatever the urgency and volume of your legal translation order, Lada Translation’s professionals will be able to fulfill it as soon as required. We have a large team of legal translators, so we can involve several translators at a time, if required. However, this will not affect anyway the cost of our services.

Full Package of Services. Our company provides both legal translation and legal interpreting. A translator, who translated your agreement or contract and got a clear understanding of the subject, knows all the nuances of your particular situation and may be engaged as a consecutive interpreter for subsequent negotiations with foreign partners of your company. This will give a greater chance for your meeting to be successful and your objectives to be achieved. It should be noted in particular that our legal translators and interpreters have an extensive experience of participation in such events, know the specific way they are usually held and, therefore, are able to be quite helpful. Besides, we accept orders for notarization, legalization and apostille services in relation to the documents translated by us.

Guarantees. Our agreements with legal entities contain Lada Translation’s express liability provisions. If necessary, we will provide you a written explanation of using a particular term in our translation.

Confidentiality. We understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality with regard to the information received in connection with provision of our services. We can sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement with you, if so requested.

Time Limits

Time limits for translation of legal documents depend on their size and content. Personal documents are translated normally within one business day or even several hours. For business documents, the average translation time is *. If you need notarization or apostille certification, the time limits will be *. For exact timeframes and conditions, please contact us by phone at:

How To Oder?

You may place your order for legal translation in one of the following two ways:

Contact our office by phone at: * or complete a request on our website. You can also calculate the cost of your order. We will contact you to agree upon the timeframes and other conditions.

Want to sign a permanent service agreement with our company? Call us! We will discuss with you the details, answer all your questions and agree upon the most convenient way for you to do that.

You are welcome!

Lada Translation Ltd.
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