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Medical Translation

According to the statistics of the recent years, foreign producers keep their leadership positions on the domestic market of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. As a result, translation of medical texts and documents becomes an increasingly popular service. Another factor driving up the demand for medical translation services is that many Russian people are now willing to receive medical treatment in foreign clinics and to seek advice from the western medical professionals. Therefore, they need to have their medical records translated from Russian into foreign languages.

Lada Translation provides translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts.

This is one of the main business areas of our company. We have gathered a team of experienced professionals in medical translation having a perfect knowledge of foreign languages and narrowly specialized in medicine.

Our Services

Medical Translations

You may order translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts of any content or level of complexity from English, German, French and other languages into Russian and also from Russian into foreign languages.

Our translations include:

  • medical documents: personal medical records, case histories, discharge summaries, test results, expert opinions, record extracts, certificates, surgical and study reports;
  • clinical trial documents: clinical trial agreements, case report forms, clinical and drug trial results;
  • pharmaceutical documents: drug package leaflets, medication guides, pharmaceutical dossiers, product inserts, quality control documents, etc.;
  • medical equipment documents: descriptions, manuals and user guides, advertising materials;
  • research and popular-science medical literature: articles and publications, training manuals, degree theses, thesis abstracts, monographs, books and reference guides;
  • websites: websites concerned with medicine, pharmacy or medical equipment;
  • texts and documents related to medical business;
  • other texts of medical content.

Medical Interpreting

To participate in the international medical exhibitions, workshops, scientific conferences and forums, to seek advice from foreign medical professionals, to hold business negotiations related to medical issues and in some other situations, you will need interpreter’s services.

We will select for you a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter having a brilliant knowledge of foreign languages, relevant medical specialization and personal competencies required for interpreting such as good memory, wide erudition, quick response and ability to become concentrated and formulate the essence of the speaker’s words.

Our team includes the best interpreters available in Moscow. Lada Translation’s professionals took part in multiple international forums and conferences dedicated to medical issues such as Congress of EAAD (Euro-Asian Association of Dermatovenerologists). You may review the letters of thanks received from our customers.

Additional Services

To be legally valid, translations of medical documents should be certified. Lada Translation offers you certification services – we may either certify our translations by our own seal or have them notarized and, if necessary, will arrange for apostilization and legalization of the translated documents.

Medical Translation Difficulties

It is quite difficult to translate medical and pharmaceutical texts. Professionals are required to have perfect knowledge of medical terminology, specific shortenings and abbreviations and to be able to select the only correct translation from the available alternatives.

As a rule, medical documents issued abroad use another form of recording different from that used domestically and, quite often, another classification of diseases and terminology. Word-for-word translation is absolutely inappropriate in medical translation. Translator must be an expert in the subject matter of the text to be translated having a comprehensive understanding of its content and able to reveal misprints or errors in the original document, if any.

Medical documents translated for the purpose of medical treatment abroad (case histories, record extracts, discharge summaries, test results, etc.) are often completed by hand in medical institutions. As is well-known, handwritings of medical staff are extremely illegible making the translation task significantly more difficult. Indeed, before being translated, the text needs to be puzzled out correctly. As a result, more time is required for translation and the price is higher, accordingly; besides, there is a risk of inaccuracies and errors. As such, we request our customers to accompany medical documents by their computer typed copies, if possible.

Our Translators

A professional dealing with medical texts should have higher education not only in linguistics, but also in medicine or pharmacy, and an extensive translation experience relevant to his or her area of expertise. Similarly, translation of research literature or technical documentation related to medicine requires relevant education as well.

All these requirements are met when it comes to the translators of Lada Translation. We guarantee absolutely accurate and competent translation of your texts and documents by the linguists savvy in the subject matter. Completed translations are further checked by a proof-reader and then by an editor who is a practitioner experienced in the relevant field of medicine, pharmacy or medical equipment.

Large-size medical translations are done by groups of linguists. When completing an assignment, they use glossaries made to ensure consistency of terminology. Our translators may employ specialized reference guides and, in especially difficult cases, consult narrowly-specialized medical professionals.

Lada Translation has gathered highly skilled medical translators having an excellent knowledge of foreign languages and being very competent and experienced in their field of expertise. These highly-qualified professionals are extremely in demand. Their number is limited and they have assignments for weeks or even months ahead. So, if you want to place an order for medical translation, please contact us in advance. It is quite difficult to provide a translator for you at short notice. When placing an order for interpreting, please inform us about the subject of presentation and provide the related materials (keynotes, terminology, etc.) ahead of time so that the interpreter can prepare for the event most effectively.

Advantages of Ordering Medical Translation With Lada Translation

Good Value for Money. Brilliantly educated in the best Russian and foreign higher educational institutions, translators and interpreters of Lada Translation keep improving their qualification and level of proficiency. Our company has implemented a multilevel control system. Translated texts and documents are reviewed additionally by proof-readers and editors with relevant expertise. They are reviewed for correspondence to the originals and accuracy of the translated terms and abbreviations. We guarantee absolutely accurate and competent medical translations.

Although the services provided by Lada Translation’s professionals are pricy, this is compensated by their high quality. As is well known, this factor is of critical importance, when it comes to translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts.

Promptness. Our company ensures both high quality and prompt translation of medical texts. Even if a large volume of information is required to be translated, we will be able to fulfill your order in a promptly manner because we have an opportunity to involve a group of translators.

Wide Geography. It is considered that the best translation professionals are concentrated in Moscow. However, if you are located elsewhere other than in Moscow and need professional medical interpreting services, you may still place an order with our company. Lada Translation will send its interpreters to any region of the country. Translated documents may be sent to you by e-mail.

Confidentiality. Our company guarantees confidentiality of the information received in connection with provision of our services. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, if so requested.

Time Limits

Time limits for translation of medical texts and documents depend on their size and content. Workload of medical translators is quite high, so you are strongly requested to contact us in advance. For exact timeframes and conditions, please contact us by phone at: (495) 970 76 26.

How To Oder?

You may place your order for medical translation in one of the following two ways:

Contact our office by phone at: (495) 970 76 26 or complete a request on our website. We will contact you to agree upon the timeframes and other conditions.

You are welcome!

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