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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Lada Translation Ltd. offers simultaneous interpreting services. You will need help of our interpreters, if you plan to organize a large-scale international event with a big number of participants such as a conference, round table discussion, symposium or multilateral meeting.

What is specific about simultaneous interpreting is that it is rendered while the source-language message is delivered. The speaker has no need to pause, since the interpreter speaks concurrently.

There are several types of simultaneous interpreting:

  • In interpreting “by ear”, the interpreter is able to hear the speaker through earphones only;
  • In sight interpreting, the interpreter is given a text copy of a speech in advance (approximately 15 minutes before the interpretation is to be done) to use it in interpreting, while making necessary adjustments as the speaker proceeds;
  • In text-based interpreting, the interpreter reads out a text translated in advance concurrently with the speech delivered by the speaker, while making adjustments in case of deviations made by the speaker.

To prevent the speaker’s and interpreter’s voices from overlapping each other, special equipment is used. The interpreter works in a soundproof booth and the audience can listen to the interpretation through earphones.

Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting

Main advantage is the time and cost saving. Since the speaker has no need to make pauses, the duration of the event is reduced significantly. Accordingly, this results in lower rental fees paid by the organizers for the premises and special equipment, so the high cost of simultaneous interpreting services is largely compensated for.

Uninterrupted speech and absence of pauses ensure that messages are understood by the audience more fully and it is not so tiring for the audience to sit through the event. It is much easier for the speaker to hold attention of the listeners and stay fully focused. All these help create a comfortable working environment.

In simultaneous interpreting, several foreign languages may be used during a single event.

Simultaneous interpreting is unnoticeable and discreet. A part of the audience understanding the speaker’s language can switch off their earphones not to be distracted by the interpretation.

Distinctions of Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult type of interpreting activities. Not every professional can master it.

Simultaneous interpreters should be professionally educated. Apart from brilliant knowledge proficiency, they should have wide erudition, good memory, ability to respond immediately and to listen, remember and interpret at one and the same time. They should be able to get focused and renew strengths quickly. Interpreters are responsible both for accurate rendition in the target language of the messages delivered by the speaker and also for delivery of their exact tone and parlance.

Because of extremely high mental and physical strain associated with simultaneous interpreting, interpreters most often work in pairs switching between one another every 20 or 30 minutes. While one of the interpreters is active, the other may take some relaxation to restore.

Simultaneous Interpreting by Lada Translation

The number of really highly skilled simultaneous interpreters is very small. Their services are always in great demand, since the outcomes of business meetings and negotiations depend heavily on the quality of interpreting.

The services provided by simultaneous interpreters are quite expensive, so the requirements to such services are very high. Not many translation agencies can supply such professionals.

Lada Translation has gathered a team of the best simultaneous interpreters available in Moscow

We are very serious about staffing. All the applicants are thoroughly examined to reveal the best and brightest to stay with us.

Our professionals hold degrees from the best language universities and have a long-term experience; besides, they had multiple work placements abroad. They improve their knowledge and sharpen their skills on an ongoing basis and regularly attend advanced training courses.

The services provided by our simultaneous interpreters are highly requested during large-scale international events including those held within such prestigious sites as Expocentre Fairgrounds, Krokus Expo International Fairgrounds, etc.

Our simultaneous interpreters are not just linguists having excellent foreign language proficiency. Each of them is an expert in a particular field. Whatever the subject of your event – politics, business, medicine, construction or science, – we will be able to supply an interpreter familiar with the relevant issue.

How To Order Simultaneous Interpreting Services?

Lada Translation’s simultaneous interpreters are highly requested and have a very tight schedule. If you contact us at the last minute, there may be no interpreter having expert knowledge you require. So please make your request in advance, at least, 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the event.

When placing an order, you should provide accurate information about the subject, duration and format of the forthcoming event and the expected number of attendees. You are also required to furnish information materials necessary for an interpreter to prepare for the event. Such materials should also be provided in advance.

If you do not have your own equipment for simultaneous interpreting, you can take it on lease from our company. We have soundproof booths, microphones, wireless earphones, sound amplifiers and filters, communication wiring.

It is Quite Easy to Order Interpreting Services

You can calculate the cost of interpreting services and place an order directly on our website by completing a convenient request form. If you need any information, please contact us by phone at + 7 (495) 970 76 26.

We will call you back to discuss all necessary issues and offer you several alternatives, if available. You will be able to choose the most suitable interpreter for your assignment.

You are welcome! We wish you success in business!