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Whispered Interpreting Services

Whispered interpreting or “chuchotage” (that means “whispering” in French) is a type of simultaneous interpreting and is successfully provided by Lada Translation Ltd.

This type of interpreting is known mostly to those, who deal with foreign languages directly. As one of the most difficult types of interpreting, it combines the complexity of simultaneous interpreting and absolute absence of technical aids.

The most suitable situations when this type of interpreting can be successfully used are as follows: various negotiations, guided tours, business meetings. Today, whispering is most often used during board meetings or commercial negotiations.

Distinctive Features of Whispered Interpreting

Whispered interpreting is used in situations when only one or two persons do not know a foreign language spoken by the other participants. Quiet tete-a-tete communication is the best setting for using the whispered interpreting technique.

For the interpreter, chochutage is more demanding than ordinary simultaneous interpreting. He or she needs listen and interpret at the same time, remember all the details clearly and deliver messages on the fly. The interpreter should speak distinctly and clearly, in a low, stable voice so as not to disturb other negotiation participants in the room.

It is essential that the interpreter has a native-speaker proficiency in a foreign language (speaks like a person, for whom that language is the mother tongue) and an excellent knowledge of the subject. In whispering, the challenges encountered by the interpreter include unwanted sounds, stress and quick tiredness.

Process Description

One interpreter is provided for each listener or a small group of listeners (not more than 2 or 3 persons). Interpretation is delivered in a soft voice into the ears of the listeners without the use of any special equipment. The interpreter stands or sits next to negotiation participants in the same room and not in a special booth with microphone and/or earphones like in simultaneous interpreting.

Interpretation may be delivered to one foreign language only. If it is required by the format of the event, the interpreter should interpret the listener’s questions to the speaker. So, the interpreter is required to provide interpretation both from and to the foreign language.


  • significant time saving;
  • information is communicated from the speaker to the listener and backward immediately;
  • no need to rent special equipment necessary for simultaneous interpreting;
  • interpretation is provided to one or two persons to allow for maximum comprehension of the information.

How To Order Whispered Interpreting Services?

When placing an order for whispered interpreting, you are strongly requested to provide the following information: subject, duration and format of the forthcoming event, the expected number of attendees and your specific requirements to the interpreter. You are also required to furnish the available information materials. These may include speech texts, theses, booklets or everything that may be useful for the interpreter to prepare for the event.

Please make your request for interpreting services in advance, at least 2 weeks prior to the intended date.

It is Quite Easy to Order Interpreting Services

You can calculate the cost of interpreting services and place an order directly on our website by completing a convenient request form. If you need any information, please contact us by phone at + 7 (495) 970 76 26.

We will call you back to discuss all necessary issues and offer you several alternatives, if available. You will be able to choose the most suitable interpreter for your assignment.

You are welcome!
We wish you successful negotiations!